Friday, April 29, 2011

After 5 Years Of Blogging

Very relieved that April is done. I loved being able to get away from work,but there was a huge impact on productivity because sometimes I couldn't reach the people I needed to get things done. But now I plan to rev up some of my writing and business activities to make sure that I meet the goals that I set for 2011.

Last year I wondered if, after years of blogging ( launched Storypot in January 2006), I had a decent enough track record and accumulated enough meaningful posts to use them as a basis for a book. Maybe something called The Diary Of A Multimedia Writer?

Heaven knows the material is there. During this period, I worked as journalist for an online news publication, took issue-based campaigns and a TV series online and published a wide variety of materials online and in print.

I went through Storypot and selected posts that could be relevant and rearranged them by date starting from the beginning ( as opposed to a blog which has the last post first.)

I put together a 97-page document, but there were still more than a year's posts in the archives for me to review and add to the document.  BUT, I didn't feel ready: I wasn't sure my story was interesting enough for a publisher, or that people would want to hear what I have to say.  I was also afraid I had 97-pages worth of useless navel-gazing. Telling people about your day works well enough on a blog, but Anne Frank I'm not.
This year March has been a period of consolidation for me, and the thought of using information from the blog as the basis for an ebook for writers came back to me. This time, I feel more confident: not that traditional publishers will be interested (I still don't have a big track record with them), but that I have blogged about some useful stuff  and had enough conversations with other writers (here, on other forums and in person) that I can share what they taught me too.

It will take a long time, though, for the book/diary to become a reality though. Ideally, I'll find a traditional publisher, because I want someone else to validate its publication as a useful tool for writers. I also want to have as wide a distribution and reach as many aspiring writers in this country, as possible.

What do you think of the whole idea?


Pamela Moeng said...

Sounds like an excellent idea to me and one which would have a market. Let me know where I can support you on this, my friend.

Rebecca A Emrich said...

Great things are in store for you. I am thinking of doing much teh same.

Should get together on the one maybe a joint blog onour experiences ? ha ha--- we'd be too busy!

Damaria Senne said...

@Rebecca - LOL! As you say, too much right now. Maybe in the near future, after your book is out and I can also take a breather.

Rebecca A Emrich said...

you breather? Me breather? naw never -- ha ha, no it is a good idea for the future.

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