Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Further to my post on finding writing time

By Pamela Moeng

I've had a light bulb moment in the most unlikely place. More on that in a bit. Suffice it to say that the absolute beauty of a Blackberry is the time, otherwise lost, that it provides for writing and corresponding.

Think the bus, a taxi, spells of insomnia when you don't want to disturb your man by slipping out of bed and leaving a cold vacuum, the doctor-dentist-vet waiting rooms, and that last bastion of mom's peaceful solitude - the loo! Yes, my moment of brilliant clarity occurred on the throne.

What better way to multi-task with finesse than to use the time other generations used for aimless thought or idle gossip to go out and greet the world? Deadlines that bring thoughts of razor-blade slashing (not my wrists but the editor's throat!) cause not a worry now that my trusty BB, which is my new BBFF (berry best friend forever), is velcroed to my palm. No, not literally, but hmmmm...necessity is the mother of invention, not so?

Methinks D won't have to worry any longer about my not posting or deadlines being missed. Now those otherwise misspent moments clearing detritus from my mind - or purse - will be usefully focused on emails and writing. That prize-winning tome lurking in my creative or not genius and those quit chats via email or Facebook will take me out into the world even while I sit my not-so-queenly bearing on my personal throne. I'll conquer my correspondence and deadlines today -- tomorrow it's the world!

Note from D:
Pam is right; I no longer have to remind her to send me posts because she's been sending me lots of material through her BB since her lightbulb moment. So yeah... it works!

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Question: What is the most important tool that has helped you to increase your productivity in your work?

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