Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Wish Project Management Had Been A Mandatory Course In High School and Varsity

My younger sister is a project manager for an international research company and has a very ordered and systematic brain. So yesterday I consulted with her regarding the organised chaos that I call my work system, to ask for help to break it all into manageable tasks.

You know when you live with a teenager, and every time you walk past their room you want to say something about the mess on the bed and the clothes on the floor and the smelly shoes... and you restrain yourself because you know saying something will result in a fight? So you close the door so you don't have SEE the mess even though you KNOW it's there? I got the feeling I'm the teenager that's been driving my baby sister nuts for months. Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe she just loves big sis and just wanted to help.

Never mind the reasons. The fact is that and a quick email from me asking for help resulted in a long consultation on the phone with her and a request from her to send her a detailed outline of the projects I'm working on until August, as well as the project breakdown ( as in, what do I have to do to get each task done, and how long does it take me?)

So I spent most of Monday afternoon working on that. By the end of the exercise, my business will have an official workflow system. Nice!

Question: Do you think project management should be mandatory subject for all high school and university students? Will it help create more efficient workers and a more efficient nation?

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Pamela said...

A resounding YES! I've done some project management training and it helped me tremendously. I could use more though - my desk it testimony to that!

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