Thursday, May 26, 2011

Too Many Balls In The Air

By Pamela Moeng

Am I caught up in the tornado that recently ravaged Joplin, Missouri in the USA or is this just my life on fast-forward?  Every day seems to be slightly more whirlwind than the previous one and I imagine myself screaming, "Stop! Let me off!"
But jumping off the hamster's wheel is just not an option right now. "Balance in all things is the secret to health and happiness," my mother used to say, usually when I wanted to stuff myself with junk food or otherwise over-indulge in fun.
"Balance," I whimper when I am still answering the landline and the cell phone rings while at the same time six emails jump into Inbox 1 and three more into Inbox 2.  Meanwhile my open diary reproaches me with a list of must-do, want-to-do and absolutely-without-a-doubt-or-I-will-lose-my-day-job-have-to-do tasks.
How's a woman juggling at least five roles or more supposed to find balance when she is tap-dancing on the razor's edge of lunacy just to keep the balls in the air? Finding writing time is like searching for a tin of Lucky Star in the ocean, even with my trusty BBFF in my palm. D sent a gentle reminder that posts are due, so find some time and inspiration, I must.
Whether I find the time after midnight or before dawn while the rest of the family sleeps, I am determined to keep on writing. Truth is, the writing feeds the soul, while the day job feeds the belly. Come what may, I must seek that balance my mother advised as if it's the Holy Grail!


Damaria Senne said...

I'm juggling like crazy today. Yesterday an editor sent me approval for several articles I proposed. And the deadline was Friday. The work would be doable without stress, if I didn't already have work in the queue. Now I've just added a lot of work to a plate that was already full. Let's hope none of my juggling balls falls off:-)

Pamela said...

I had some down time today, but tomorrow looks like it is set to be a work day, Sunday or not. Hope you get some rest, D.

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