Sunday, May 15, 2011

Your Words Have The Power To Inspire

I was filling in some forms and one of the questions asked was: "Explain in 200 words or less, why you think your art is important."

My response was that the words I share make a difference in people's lives. Our stories can teach, entertain and inspire people to take action. They can help a young person, trapped in a life of poverty or other types of dire circumstances, to imagine a world beyond their problems and maybe even work towards that future. They can bring laughter and a lightened heart to someone who had a bad day. Written well, words can persuade people to care about a cause and to take action. And sometimes, words are just a form of self-expression, a way of telling the world : "I was here, and I too matttered to someone."

Anyhoo, while writing this paragraph, I remembered an old post entitled "Your Words Have The Power To Inspire" that I published at Ezine Articles  in 2007. The article is about being at a TV studio for an interview on a Sunday morning and meeting a fan who was waiting for a popular DJ to show up. My first thought  when she told me what she was about was "STALKER ALERT!". But then my day got interesting.

Check out the post.

I hope the post will help you to appreciate how meaningful your writing ( if you are a writer) or  blog posts, are to people, some of whom you may never even hear from.

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Pamela said...

Words certainly do have power. Those of us of a certain age remember that faster than a speeding bullet intro to the old Superman show on US television. For me words have always had tremendous power to move me, inspire me, hurt me, get me off my lazy butt. I think, though I may be biased!, that a writer has as much power to wound and heal as any soldier or any doctor. It's an honourable profession! And your words have always made me sit up and take notice, D.

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