Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zombie Writer Needs Article Ideas

I need to brainstorm article ideas for a Business and Economics section of a web site of a national magazine that’s launching soon. I’ve already submitted 4 articles, which the editor loved and accepted. The challenge is that those articles were done on a brief from the editor; now she thinks that her baby is grown enough to handle the section and come up with her own article ideas.

And yes, I’m very excited about the development (and will put up links to the articles here once they go online), but I’m also a bit worried. I want to keep the editor happy so that she trusts me with this level of responsibility and keeps sending me work. Which means I have to get my mushy brain in gear and start brainstorming topical story ideas.

Gah! Today my brain is not working well. I’m not sick or anything, and the brain cells keep rubbing together, but there doesn’t seem to be an original thought coming out of the process. So, if you’re an entrepreneur, email me to tell me what you want to read about. I might get the article idea approved and get to answer your most pressing questions.

I'm also interviewing the lovely Judy Croome about her soon to be released novel, Dancing in the Shadows of Love. I admit I'm biased because she is a blogger friend, but I've also read some of her shorts and posts and enjoyed them. I drafted the questions last night and sent them over. I'll post the Q and A once Judy and I agree on the appropriate time to publish the post.

In terms of client work, I'm writing the second draft of a client's business profile. It's going very slowly, but well. I also sent out two proposals. One of them was to a trade publisher based near my home. They bring out about 10 titles, and I have no idea why I hadn't thought of querying them before. Anyhoo, the moral of that story is, don't forget to look for local opportunities when you seek publishing markets.

The second proposal went to an international publisher. It's a long shot, but the topic I pitched is in line with their editorial requirements and I'd love to explore it in more detail. Wish me luck.

Also sent some article ideas to some writers among you( my readers), based on your areas of interest and submission calls I came across. I hope they work for you and we all make some dosh. Damn! No wonder my brain is mush! It's exhausted after all that work.....


Ecoecho said...

LOL, so where's my email then?

You sound busy, and that is all good.

Are you paying for ideas or is this a networking thing where there might be some reciprocal opportunities/leads?

Damaria Senne said...

Aw, now it's now official: Damaria practices Apartheid. The scandal broke just a day before the municipal elections too:-)

It's a networking thing I do with some writers - we co-market each other. That way we are seen to be more versatile, and we can take on big projects if we land them and dish out the work according to our expertise.

The arrangement is still new, and we've only had small projects coming through, but it all looks promising. I'll inbox you the business profile.

po said...

I think you work too hard! I am such a zombie today, I just want to go home and eat brainzzzz. I will spare your though, sounds like you need it!

Damaria Senne said...

@po- thanks for the thought, but I don't have a brain to spare. My original is fried. I think my family had it for breakfast.. thought it was scrambled eggs:-)

And I agree - I do work too hard sometimes. Thankfully, I can lie in tomorrow, because it's a public holiday.

tiah said...

I read the title of this post and thought, 'She needs to speak to Sarah Lotz.' Oops.

Damaria Senne said...

@ Tiah- I'm honoured:-). I read one of Sarah's shorts and it was very creepy. In a good way. It was the one about the architecture student who meets a ghost girl and he ends up more bonded with her than he is with his crzy drunk girlfriend.

Tamara said...

Ja, I was all ready to send your details to a friend who is a zombie afficionado for some ideas ;-)

Pamela said...

Will give your question thought, D, and try to generate some ideas for the client. Hope you are more rested today!

Damaria Senne said...

@Pam - thanks. I took things slower today. Look forward to your article suggestions.

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