Thursday, July 14, 2011

At The Supermarket

On this day in 2008, I was frantically looking for a poem entitled, "At The Supermarket"  by H. ORAM, and published by METHWEN CHILDRENS BOOKS. Baby was supposed to perform it at the annual Eisteadford, and for some reason that I can't now remember, she didn't have a copy of it.

I think the parents among you will appreciate the poem:

I wish they wouldn't do it

(Is what she says first)
Drumming her fingers on the packet of
Healthy Life Cereal
As we stand in the queue
Waiting to go through

It's putting temptation right in our path
(Is what she says second)
As the lady at the till can't find the price
of green bananas
And we're stuck in the queue
Waiting to go through

I've a good mind to speak to the manager
(Is what she says third)
As Em lies on the floor kicking and crying
Me want Me Want
To the tut tuts of the queue
Waiting to go through

Oh all right then, just today
(Is what she says last)
And as we help ourselves to the Chews-Me Bars
I can't help thinking what a very good thing
They put the sweets by the queue
Where sooner or later Mum'll give in.

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Rebecca E. said...

yes! laugh out loud funny, and so true, I think at teh supermarket I say "NO!" (like that) more than any other place.

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