Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fun Exploring Online

By Pamela Moeng

I had lots of fun the other evening searching for helpful professional development sites online for writers. There is a wealth of information out there and I was delighted to go exploring.

I always loved reading Carol Lazar's work in The Star here in Joburg. When I wasn't laughing at her humour column, I was envying her paid-for-by-the-sponsor travel writing. My partner says gleefully that he'd gladly accompany me to exotic destinations if I crack a travel writing gig. Damaria and I will post a link to a travel writers' ezine that I discovered, and which has given me a terminal case of wanderlust.

An interview with Jeremy Mansfield and his wife in a weekend paper gave me a lightbulb moment. Neither of them is a professional chef but their first cook book sold 65,000 copies in SA - no small feat! Passion for the subject was the key.

All my cyber wanderings gave me courage and hope that sooner rather than later the day job will be history and the ideas on the boil now are the key.

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