Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm so over this winter!

Apparently some Joburg residents were disappointed that it didn't snow yesterday ( rain, hail and sleet fell) but I think they're just nuts. Our homes are not equipped for such extreme weather. Add to the fact that when you work from home, you don't have a company paying for air-conditioned room and using the heater means a higher electricity bill. Old Man Winter has really outstayed his welcome.

The weekend was great. A friend came over to stay for a couple of days. Puttered in my garden and am now ready for Spring rains and flowers to start blooming. Joined our local renovation team to make over a nieghbour TV room. Most of the participants sewed, something that I've tried and have never achieved a level of competency. They made curtains,  an ottoman and scatter cushions. Nautical theme. Another friend and I painted the room, and we both agreed we got the better end of the deal.

Monday I met with the co-author on one of the titles I'm publishing for the client. She's focussed, friendly, not precious about processes and willing to follow instruction. I can see why she came so highly recommended.

So today I'm sitting in my office, wrapped in a big thick blanket while I work. A large proportion of the work I'm doing is mostly admin - working on these non-fiction book plans seems to be taking forever as I liaise with authors, review, send to professional reviewer, get reports and author and I redo again until we're all satisfied. Then there are the constantly updated schedules/spreadsheets so I know where everything should be at any given time and can intervene if there are problems. Bottom line? Overseeing the publishing process is not for sissies.

For some fun, I've been trying out some recipes. Tried to make Chai tea, but didn't have clover, so I ended up with vey nice spicy tea (using cinnamon and ginger, no milk). This has now become my drink of choice. Also baked banana bread using too soft bananas I had. It came out well and I'm keeping the recipe.

Creative writing is also going extremely well. I've written over 7000 words since Friday, most of it adding better structure to the Nameless WIP. Thank you Pam for your tips on plotting a novel. They really helped.

So what are you doing this week?

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Lori said...

We're a bit over summer here, Damaria. Temps in the triple digits, no rain for nearly two months (dead grass), and now inches of rain per hour. It's been one tempermental year here in the states.

But you'll be getting the flowers and the sun soon, and we'll be seeing lovely leaves and fall colors. Each season gives so much beauty. It's when the suck money ouf of our wallets that it gets ugly. LOL

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