Monday, August 01, 2011

Monday update

Taking a break from digging soil prep in 
Brendon and Neville's  kitchen garden. 
The renovation group spent 2 weekends tiling
and painting and planting herbs.
Neville is a chef.

Friday was a very productive day. I woke up to an email from a commissioning editor from a publishing house asking for a full manuscript of Pam's third novel, which I sent. 

As Pam so aptly put it, Yeeehaaaw!

Her second novel is under consideration from another publisher and they said they'd let us know at the end of July, so we should hear from the soonish.

I finished a commissioned article for ZADifference, and the editor got back soon after saying she likes it. I also wrote and submitted a biographical piece for My First Time. Editor accepted it and says it will go online soon. The pieces are published anonymously so that women can feel free to express themselves, so I can't direct you to a specific piece.

Also spent a lot of time chatting to a friend who recently lost her job. Friday was her final and she doesn't have another job lined up.  I suggested that she freelances while she looks for another job, or instead of looking for another job, but she's resistant to the idea. And I get it.

Having watched me and some of our friends go through the feast and famine cycle, I'm sure she has no illussions about what self-employment means. Sometimes the hours are long, the work can be spporadic and cash flow is an issue unless you have savings. So I can see why she's reluctant to take the leap. Yet, does she have a choice when she is unemployed and has no viable prospects in the short-term?

For those who are self-employed: what made you take the leap to start your own business? Were you prepared ( had equipment needed, savings, maybe even a client or two) or was it circumstance that was forcing you? If you are still employed by others but want to start your own busines, what is stopping you from taking the leap?


po said...

Wow go Pam! Congrats!

I am an employee and am far too intimidated by everything that running a business entails, I wouldn't know where to start!

Damaria Senne said...

@po- you're not the only one. My friend and I had another conversation about her lack of employment and freelancing as an option, and she said she's too scared. she says she sees herself as always being an employee, so she can have a steady salary each month.

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