Friday, August 05, 2011

On Books & Muggers

I'm putting together another batch/box of books that I'm going to donate throug READ SA, so if you have books you don't read/want, please send them to me? Inbox me for the address. Also note that I can collect from your house if you're in Johannesburg.

My new tenant was mugged early yesterday and they took her bag, which had  her wallet with cash and cards, the housekeys, cellphone and her official documents ( not South African, so she had official documents with her). She reported the mugging to the police and her complaint was recorded and she has a case number, but they were not helpful at all.

The issue is that she recognised the muggers as people she's seen hanging out at the local park and she thought the police would set up a sting or something, especially as they had knowledge of where they could be found. But the policewomen shouted at her and told her she was not special and a lot of other people get mugged and the case will probably never be solved. Which is true, if they have no intention of going out to look for them.

Tenant send "please call me" SMS to her phone and muggers called back and when they realised who it was, they told her to stop wasting their airtime. Later, they dropped off her documents and keys ( minus bank card, cellphone and cash) at the park entrance and then phoned the number she initially SMSed them to go get her stuff. I'd already bought new locks in view of the fact that they had her keys, so money lost there.

Meanwhile, we are all worried that muggers are still at large and operating with impunity. We feel that there is nothing to stop them from mugging her again, since they know she recognised them  ( as they recognised her) and the police didn't act.

As to the writing, I'm typing up the NAMELESS story I told you was stuck in my mind last year and I just kept scribbling everything because I had to. It's a very rough draft, but hopefully, there is something salvageable in the mess.

The contracted work is also going well. A lawyer from a company I've periodically done work for recommended me to three of his colleagues, who are also now sending me work. This means greater penetration of the company, which I hope will bring income growth.


tiah said...

I can't organise my thoughts enough to reply re: mugging. It just - argh.

I am happy to hear about your work, esp that you are at least getting the nameless idea down, even if it is a bit of a mess at present. Messes can be fixed, random idea floating in the air cannot.

po said...

The attitude of the cops is so awful, it sounds like those muggers would be easy to catch, as your tenant knows who they are. Soemtimes it seems like the cops are just paid to do nothing!

Pamela said...

What a pity. I am so sorry for Tenant and you. Eish!

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