Friday, August 12, 2011

Pam made the 2011 Citizen Book Prize the long list!!

Pam is on a streak, I tell you. Her second novel, which we entered for the 2011 Citizen Book Prize, made the long list, which was announced this week. Ten books make the long list and Pam is so excited, because being part of the top 10 is a big deal. It's now up to the public to vote for the book they like.

Here is the synopsis of the novel entitled, NO PERFECT PEOPLE ALLOWED

NANDI Mhkize is a junior lecturer in the English department at Wits University in Joburg, South Africa’s largest city.

Her life is turned upside down with the unsolved murder of her taxi owner father, which happens just after her lover takes off for Rwanda and a post at the Kigali Institute. As if the sorrow at losing both her father and lover is not enough, Nandi discovers that she is pregnant. She struggles to accept her pregnancy and is afraid to tell her widowed mother and brothers about the baby’s father – a foreign lecturer at the university who happens to be white.
Raised in Joburg’s southern suburbs, Nandi is typical of South Africa’s current crop of 20-somethings who must find a way to realise their professional ambitions, remain true to their cultural heritage and yet find personal fulfillment in a modern changing world.
Somehow, Nandi must deal with the heartache of her father’s untimely death and the birth of her baby in a society where race still matters. How she deals with her loss and her unplanned pregnancy is the centre of No Perfect People Allowed.
If you like the book, please vote for Pam? The judges' decision is final. But it would be nice if the public also like her story.
Meanwhile, we had also submitted the book to a publisher and the generous man said he would still consider the book if Pam didn't win the publishing contract to PanMacmillan, which is one of the prizes. I think Pam should just knuckle down and write another novel, so she has an option for this publisher if she's fortunate enough to win:-)


tiah said...

Cool Beans. Pam is on a roll!

Ordinarylife said...

wow, congratulations. Great stuff.

Lori said...

Fantastic! Congratulations, Pam! Well done. :)

Pamela said...

Thank you for the congratulations. I am very excited - it's an honour to have made the long list and the competition is stiff if you read the synopses of the novels submitted. If not for support from the writing community, I may not have been brave enough to submit at all.

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