Monday, August 22, 2011

The Weekend Update

Had a great weekend. On Saturday I attended our monthly writers' meeting at the home of Michelle Nel, who's an environmental journalist and neighbour. It was a lovely meeting and I met another writer, Roy McGregor, who has self-published a humour book. Roy was very happy to share info about his self-publishing experiences.

Michelle had previously offered me indigenous plants to plant up in my back yard, which is currently bare. So we spent hours walking in her garden and getting cuttings. Got about 5 species of succulents, four bushes, some wild dagga ( the orange flowering kind, not the illegal kind:-) and about 6 species of flowers.

So yes it was a lot of stuff I took home and potted and nowhere near the variety of indigenous plants Michelle grows. A couple of friends also came to visit - one of them for the whole weekend, so it was a very chilled weekend.

Today I'm mostly offline today, writing and editing and doing the necessary admin work.

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Pamela said...

Finally got internet access. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.Sorry I couldn't make the meeting. Enjoy the week.

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