Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What is your obsession

The house is similar to this one

Some women have an obsession with shoes. Others with purses or jewellery or even handbags. Mine is houses. Old houses.If I had money, I'd probably be shopping for houses the same way some people shop for clothes. Potentially expensive hobby, I know, especially because old houses always need to be fixed up and maintained. But damn, what a way to go broke:-)

This month I saw a house that I'm sad I can't have. It's my street. Built in the 1930s as were many of the houses in this suburb. Spacious, with 5 bedrooms, office, sunroom and huge livingroom. Well-maintained, though there's a bit one can do to personalise it and make it better. It has a nice garden too.

The church doesn't want to sell though ( I asked), because their means of income through rental. And even if they did want to sell, I can't afford it.  I wish.....

So. What is your obession?

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tiah said...

Dang, that's one heck of a 'thing' to have. Mine is pretty much books. Even when we are living off basic survival groceries, somehow a book doesn't count as a 'real' expense.

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