Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Women's Day Update

Women's Day was great. I spent the morning in the garden, doing more planting for Spring (cucumber, sweet corn, bush beans and peas). My current pea harvest is really great. The peas are sweet and soft and I actually don't have to cook them. Just throw them into  hot dish just before I turn the stove off and they're as good as done. Also prepared more plots, mixing the soil with compost. Managed to buy 15 bags from a seller hawking in the neighbourhood, at R10 per 25kg bag. That will be enough compost to last me through Spring, I think.

I'm falling behind with the publishing assignment work, which makes me somewhat unhappy. So I'm going to have to spend lots more hours in my office catching up this week. It also means that creative writing has to take a back burner for now.

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tiah said...

Good luck with the garden.
We do not have any earthworms in our soil. I'm finding this very odd. I am hoping as we mix in our compost it will help attract the buggers.

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