Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday note

Yesterday was rough day which ended with a pounding headache with a touch of nausea. And I know it was stress doing this to me.

But there were good bits. I finished a client document that had been driving dilly for weeks and am starting a fresh leg of the client publishing project. I also wrote quite a bit on my nameless WIP. It’s still a very rough draft, but at this stage, all I want is to lay down the bones of the story. I can worry about rewriting and polishing the story later.

A friend gave me a lot of lemons from her tree, so we made lemonade, which was very nice. I can see why the fresh lemonade is popular; wonder why I never thought to make it before?

Today I woke up less tired and stressed (could it be because I sent the stressful document to client or maybe it’s because it’s Friday?) and the day’s tasks are going well.

How was your week? Are you happy it’s over or are you still revved to do more?

1 comment:

Rebecca E. said...

in many ways I am happy my week is over-- I am tryingt o be patient, but that's not really working!

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