Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Books Sell

By Pamela Moeng

Read an interesting article the other day about marketing your book in The Book Designer newsletter. I particularly liked the section below and all credit to The Book Designer for the quote:


"Why Books Sell : There is no replacement for a good book...we can point to a few clear reasons why some books sell better than others:
  • It has unique information that’s in demand, but that cannot be found anywhere else
  • It solves a problem that many people have
  • The story is compelling and/or entertaining
  • The author is a celebrity
  • The book is already selling and people start telling others about the book."

I don't know about you but I am no celebrity, which means I best write books that fit one of the other criteria for selling well. Of course, every writer believes or wants to believe that her writing is compelling and entertaining - if they didn't, why write?

I find putting the WIP away for a while to sulk from lack of attention helps me see its weaknesses. Until I see them, I can't make them stronger. Even if a work has been sent out into the world to find a home, re-reading it months after completing it reveals the weaknesses and gaps - not to mention the typos - that were missed by me, and the first reader (usually a friend who writes/edits too).

This is not to say a work is never finished - every dog has its day and every manuscript should be typeset and printed sooner rather than later. But if anything humbles an arrogant writer, it's re-reading that "perfect" novel and finding the mistakes you've missed in your self editing.

I've gone a bit crazy lately subscribing to lots of writer forums and newsletters and I've found a wealth of information and support on them. Check out The Book Designer - he has more useful tips.

Keep writing...

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