Thursday, November 03, 2011

High tea and a write-up

My hectic schedule has not let up, and I'm usually at my desk around 5am in the morning and stay there until the evening.

Except yesterday, when a friend talked me into going out for high tea at a spa. We got horribly lost - how many Alexander and Alexadra streets can there be in one city? Quite a few as we found. Still, it was a nice break away from the deadlines - the atmosphere was very tranquil, though it was right in the middle of the city (for the Joburgers, the place is off Jan Smuts Avenue, one of the busiest streets in the city).

Other than that, the suburb I live in was written up by Lynley Main for the city of Joburg's web site. It's nice, long feature called Joburg's Village In The City. You'll gain some insight into why I like it here. And yes, moi gets quoted talking about the Writers' Circle she belongs to and periodically mentions here. Enjoy!

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po said...

I loved your article! So much history and interesting stuff going on in your suburb. I certainly did not share that passion for the suburb I grew up in, although we frequented the local museum often at school. A very high profile murder case of the kids and the boyfriend who murdered their parents occurred in my suburb - a dubious claim to fame. I went to school with the girl. Erk.

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