Monday, December 19, 2011

Wishing you a fun, relaxing week in the run-up to Christmas

It was a lovely long weekend. I slept longer hours at night and napped quite a bit during the day. I spent some time with friends. Went shopping for Christmas presents. Thank God my side of Johannesburg slowly becomes a ghost town after the 15th December, when peoplego away for holidays outside the city.

It does feel creepy when I go for my regular walk and I can go around 10 minutes without a car/bus/taxi driving past. But it also makes Christmas shopping a leisure activity. No queues. No irritable people wanting you out of the way. You can have a seat at restaurants without having to wait and have a leisurely meal without feeling like you're taking up a seat that could be used by another paying customer.

I still have work to finish before I can close up business for Christmas/New Year holidays, but it's a manageable work load.

What does your week in the run up to Christmas look like?

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tiah said...

You have a ghost town, I have sardines in a can. Yeah gads, if it were not for the fact the town needs the money I'd be pleading for you to reel your friends and neighbours BACK. (They drive very badly. But not as bad as the FS plates.)

Merry Christmas to you as well! Enjoy the quiet.

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