Thursday, February 16, 2012


By Pamela Moeng

Am I getting old? I simply don't have patience anymore for people who lord it over others but clearly don't have a clue what's going on or needs to be going on.

My ex- might say I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but when I don't know I swallow my pride and ask. I urge my children to ask if they don't know - of course, I've included a mom-lecture on asking the right person. Don't go to the local drug dealer to find out if crack is addictive, for instance, is a favourite of mine!

Take writing for instance, I research writing tips constantly. I read dictionaries for fun. I'm still trawling the 'Net for a writers' scheduling tool that will magically create 24 more hours to use for writing AFTER the 24 the day job that pays the bills hoovers up.

So why do some people put on a pretence of know-it-allness rather than admitting they aren't the God of all things? To me that seems self- defeating in the extreme. Or am I the one who is missing something - like a few brain cells shy of a load?

How do you cope in the workplace or elsewhere with those who refuse to admit ignorance? I would really like to know.


Lori said...

In the workplace? Lord, if I knew that answer, I'd never have been fired! LOL The usual response is "Let's place devil's advocate and see if we can punch holes in that theory...." That's supposed to show the stubborn one that it's a team sport, this work thing, and that no one is saying "Your idea sucks" even if it does.

Elsewhere, I simply don't work for them. One classic instance was when I'd talked to a potential client on the phone. At the end of the conversation, he asked me how I pronounced my last name. I told him. His response - "That's not your name! It's...." I said, "No, I think you have me mixed up with someone else."

He said, "That's not true! I have it written right here."

If he's arguing that strongly about what my name is, I can't imagine he'd be willing to concede on any point. Buh-bye! :)

Damaria Senne said...

ha ha ha! Lori, that is soo funny. and you're right: a potential who will even argue about what your name would be a nightmare client. I tend to cut lose any client who acts like he knows everything. yes, he knows his business, but i also know mine and that's why he hired me.
In the workplace is a bit harder to navigate, Pam, especially if you either report to the "know-it-all" or if the person affects how you do your job. I think it helps when the other team members recognise that there is a problem and they are willing to "gang up" on the know-it-all to diffuse their influence. But if the know-it-all is the boss, and the staff are too intimidated to say/do anything, then you're in trouble and all you can do is wait for him to fail spectacularly so they can move on.

PJ said...

LOL! I love the vision of "fail spectacularly" - but my inner bee-atch is reluctant to show face, so I keep wishing the culprit well, with the hope s/he will move on to places more fitting his/her greatly superior knowledge and my irritation can ease. :-)

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