Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My plan for this week

We had a power failure starting from Sunday afternoon – Monday afternoon. It was raining heavily and speculation is that there was a problem at the local power station. This sucked, because I had a deadline I needed to meet urgently.

So I spent Monday stressing about whether and when power would come back. This was not productive. I should have spent the time writing by longhand, but my stomach was in such tight knots and I couldn’t even think properly enough to write.

So this week I’m catching up with work. My plan is to:
  • Polish the introductory pages of Book 4 and sent them to the publisher for typesetting
  • Edit a client document and send it
  • Review the book plan and first chapter for book 7
  • Review a friend’s poetry collection
  • Review book covers
  • Look for work for May
In-between there is Mma’s care. She’s really doing very well. I no longer have to force her to eat; now she asks me for a meal/snack. Slowly but surely I feel like I am gaining better control of this household with good management, could divide my time between this and my Joburg home well enough. I’m also thinking about the house more creatively to create my own space. Starting with the idea of converting one of the rooms into an office, so I actually have a dedicated work space.

What’s your plan this week? How was your Monday?


tiah said...

Lots of changes in your life. Best of luck incorporating the new with the old so your own work is not left behind. A work space at your mother's sounds like an excellent plan.

Pamela said...

You are super woman, D - I'm sure you have a cape stuffed in your closet! I'm so happy Mma is feeling better.

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