Thursday, March 29, 2012

I get it

Today is a quiet, wet day in Joburg and I'm enjoying it. It's the kind of day that prompts me to stay in bed and just drag my laptop there to work without having to leave the bed's warmth. Feels like a treat.

I'm finally admitting it: moving part-time to Phokeng has been very good for me. It has forced me to pause and evaluate my life. Not the big picture, which hasn't changed much, but the projects and daily tasks that I take on everyday. And what I'm discovering is that sometimes I took on too much and I didn't even consider slowing down because I couldn't even imagine another life.

But time with my mother has made me realise that I don't actually have to take on virtually every assignment that lands on my inbox. I can focus on the projects that I love, or which pay me well. This will give me time to write more of my own stories, to submit more work to publishers and to self-publish more, which is my ultimate objective. Odd, how sometimes a big crisis like Mma's ill-health can bring with it some good things too.

Today I'm meeting some more people in Joburg ( so yes, I will eventually get out of bed:-) and doing some reading from the files I got from yesterday's publishing training session.  The  documents that interests me the most  at the moment are:
Publishing for Profit - Successful bottomline management for book publishers by Thomas Well and Inside Book Publishing by Giles  Clark and Angus Phillips.
I tried to do some research on Copyright Amendment Bill, but so far, the only Bill I've seen so far was dated 2002. I don't think that's the one I'm looking for.

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