Friday, April 06, 2012

Contract and Q & A On Litnet

I had a great end to the week. I  signed a contract for one of my essays to be published in an anthology by a very well-respected indie publisher. Being able to cite them among my credits will be great for my career. I'll keep you posted on developments and when the book is published, we're going to have some fun with give-aways. The book is to be published in print, BTW.

Meanwhile, can I just say how excited I am that an interview I did with my friend Christelle du Toit was published on Litnet? Seeing it in their weekly newsletter was a great Easter present.In the interview, Christelle and I chat about my views on storytelling. Check it out.

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Tim Krusko said...

How to get quoted in the media

I would love a digital copy if you are still doing the giveaway - thanks.

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