Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Decision validated

An old friend unknowingly validated my decision to retell and publish old Setswana folktales. She SMSed me to ask me if I still remembered the story of Tselane and the giant, and if so, can I retell it to her?

She says she's the official storyteller to her nieces and the they are having so much fun she needs more stories for variety. Of course I was happy to send her a copy of the story. We'll see what she thinks.

I think she is the ideal target market for my children's stories - someone who regularly tells the children in her care bedtime stories and has a very keen interest in African folktales. Now if I could find more like her to buy my ebooks:-)

Meanwhile, I have a guest post on Young Work At Home Moms, where I chat about the benefits and challenges of working from home.  Check it out.

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Rhodora said...

I have a six-year old daughter and she loves to read children's stories. Tselane and the Giant is something new to us. Will look for it. :-) By the way, I found your blog on Purebloggers' Giveaways' section. I hope I can have a copy of your non-fiction ebook. That is, if I made it to the first five commenters.

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