Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Taking Risks Can Be.... Ahem... Risky!

It's been a very good morning for both Mma and I. I'm listening to Elton John's Greatest Hits (1970 - 2002) as I work, and really having fun.

Meanwhile, I want to share some of the things I learnt the past couple of days.   I hope that my thoughts will inspire you in your own life, maybe help you rethink the way you've been looking at yourself and your life challenges.

I do know that I'm not learning / saying anything completely new to the world. But life lessons have a certain freshness when they finally resonate with you, don't they? Anyhoo, here goes:

1. Sometimes we waste time mourning the things we lost, instead of celebrating the things that we do have.  I've decided to try to keep my memory honest and acknowledge that some things that I lost look better with the gloss of hindsight. At the time it was just life, meant to be lived and that's it. And who knows? Tomorrow may bring even better experiences, as long as I'm willing to get out of my comfort zone.

2. Speaking of risks, taking risks can be aaah... well.... risky.  However, sometimes the consequences of failure are not as terrible as you feared they will be, because no one died. You may even find that the journey was worth it, bloody nose, cracked ribs and scraped knees notwithstanding :-)

3. I'm more beautiful than I think I am. And the same applies to you.

If you're a writer, you might also want to check out Lori Widmer's post on Lessons We Teach Ourselves.


po said...

Taking risks can be risky, I like that one :)

Ordinarylife said...

I need to take more risks!

Unknown said...

You took me back with that Elton John album, Damaria! I remember playing that until I wore it out.

Great message. Risks are part of growing. More often than not, we're able to face them, overcome them, and blaze new trails.

Thanks for the link love. :) I'd have come around sooner, but life definitely got in my way this past month. Praying for some normalcy again.

Damaria Senne said...

Thanks for coming by Lori. I hope this means that you are feeling much better after the op.

Unknown said...

I am, thank you. :) Still a bit of a distance to feeling myself again, but I'm able to work a little and cruise the blogs.

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