Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Minutiae Of A Writing Life In Phokeng

I wish I had a good quality camera to capture the charm of this room
The words came today. Lots and lots of words. It wasn't the story that I had been working on, that I wanted to write.

It wasn't part of a client project either. Still, when the words are begging me to write them, I'm not going to argue :)

There is a lot stuff happening in my home office- there's a PC, a laptop, printer, notebooks and pads and pens to write with, a fan to combat the extreme heat and various hand creams to make me comfortable, speakers for when I play music or my favourite radio station, books, seeds, my sun hat... The green kist is packed full of fabrics that I also plan to use for me or the house. It has also been known to serve as a visitor chair:)

I love... love my new chalkboard wall too, where I'm currently scribbling out a children's story. The problem with that story is that my pacing was off, but putting it on the wall like that, I can make sure I have the same number of sentences in each page.

From my main workstation I can easily look up at the wall, I can see if the words on my manuscript fit the allocated space or not, and thus, cut out whatever excess I have.

Last night I was climbing up and down the kist so I could reach high up on the wall ( I AM short!) and just being a able to move and stretch as I write, music playing in the background... it was great. Now all I can hope for is that these words that are streaming out are publishable. Somewhere.

If it's on this wall, I don't have to remember it
As you can see, my main planning board made it into this office too. You've probably seen it it various versions of my home offices. That's my trusty brain dumping place, where I usually pin up every idea that ever makes it through my mind long enough to be scribbled down, whether it's to do with business, writing,or any of my interests and life admin stuff.

In other news, yesterday we dug up the potatoes in these two bowls from the garden. They came from one bed out of 5 similar beds and if the output from the remaining beds is the same, I will not be buying potatoes in a very long while. 

Currently we don't buy carrots, beetroot, onions, spinach, butternut/pumpkin and squash either, as we have a glut of that from the garden. I'm happy with that.


Unknown said...

Wow! Your planning board is full! I'm glad to hear your ideas are coming, Damaria. Hope you are well. :)

HappinessSavouredHot (Julie Saint-Mleux) said...

This is inspiring! Sounds like you are focusing on what matters.

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