Friday, March 17, 2017

A New Challenge

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A conversation with my sister yesterday gave me a fresh appreciation for mothers who work outside the home.

My sister, who has two boys under the age of 10, has a demanding job as a project administrator for an IT company and one of her boys is struggling with schoolwork.

She was trying to work out a possible plan to assist him but she doesn't have the time, as she leaves for work just after five in the morning and arrives home just before dinner.

Anyhoo, I couldn't see how she could manage  to change her schedule and still deliver what her job demands. Her schedule is hideous, in my book. I was fortunate that my own work could be flexible and I was able to go freelance when Baby was still young and needed me. Sure, the lack of  regular salary affected us, but I was still able to work and be there for her. My sister's job requires her to be at the office during working hours and her responsibilities require a few extra hours. So she has less opportunity to be flexible. Sadly, this is the challenge many working mothers have to face.

So trying to lighten her load a little bit, I volunteered to tutor Nephew4 with subjects he struggles with if my own schedule allows. I don't know whether I'm an appropriate solution for the problem, but having worked in educational publishing for so long and developed educational material for the current CAPS curriculum, I thought I could apply some of the principles I learnt along the way. Also, my university training included Education methodologies, though it's been so long since those days I don't know if I still remember the stuff.

Anyhoo, today I have some planning to do so Nephew4 and I start work on Monday.


MartieCoetser said...

You are a true sister. Best of luck with your new endeavor. You may as well invite more 'students'. My heart goes out to working mothers. I, too, had the privilege to stay home while my children were young, thanks to my knitting-industry of 14 years.

Damaria Senne said...

Thanks Martie. We are so fortunate to work for ourselves and have the flexibility to take care of our families! Nah, I'm not planning to offer tutoring services or anything. I think that takes a professional and more confidence in my abilities than I've got. But I'll give Nephew4 my best effort.

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