Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Being Creative With Food

Had an excellent writing day today. Maybe it's because I changed locations, and am currently visiting a friend (outside Joburg) who's on leave for a week. Got up early and had watermelon/spanspek smoothies for breakfast, and then I wrote like a mad woman until noon. Published 3 pieces on the OneLove web site, completed 3 articles for a newsletter and developed a pitch for an article for a national magazine.
Lunch was at a rustic restaurant, where they served a rich oxtail dish (very generous portions), samp, pumpkin cake and salad. I was especially fascinated by the the fruit/veg salad. Took a picture so I could make the salad for myself again.
P.S. No salad dressing was used, if you try this out.

The afternoon was also productive, and I managed to complete 3 more short articles. They do need heavy copy-editing and fact checking, but the basics are done. And I feel ever so much better:-)


Rebecca A Emrich said...

the food looks excellent, glad teh change of locations works for you

po said...

Your productivity is inspiring Damaria, I am glad you are feeling a bit better too.

Tamara said...

That pumpkin cake looks divine!

I often put fresh fruit in my salads. Strawberries go well with a vinegar-type dressing, and I love to put crunchy green apple or dried cranberries in a green salad to add texture.

Well done on getting so much done. Wishing you another day like that for today!

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