Friday, May 07, 2010

Planting Flowers On The Pavement

Tomorrow some of the residents in my suburb are going to meet up to plant up and beautify a space at a busy intersection.

We're donating seedlings, compost, labour etc for the initiative [see the pic of the seedlings I'm donating on the left.] It's also a good excuse for residents to meet and get to know each other.

I'm also havin a couple of old friends come over to brainstorm some work ideas, and then we'll hang out. We've all known each other since high school /university, so it's always good to meet up. Comforting too, to have lunch with people who knew me when I was still a teenager.

One of the friends is enroute from the North West province to KZN, and if I'm lucky, I can sweet talk her to stay over a night or two.

As for work, check out this 15-minute documentary which outlines the OneLove campaign in Zambia. Things are really going well that side.

OneLove Kwasila Documentary from Media365 on Vimeo.

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Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Great idea about the seedlings and beautifying the pavements! Wish it had happened a few weeks ago - I had to throw away dozens of agapanthus that I thinned out and no-one wanted. :( Enjoy!


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