Friday, June 30, 2006

A pox on you, Bobo!

I spent the past week trapped in my house after contracting chicken pox. At first it was itchy and painful. It was also scary- I’ve never been sick like that.

I’ve only suffered from one bout of gastroenteritis in addition to my regular cold/ flu and migraines my whole life. Now my whole body, even eye-brows and scalp were erupting with red sores! Aaaaak!

After seeing the doctor, I spent a lot of time sleeping – the effects of pills, a very tired body and a stressed mind. Now it’s Friday and I feel so much better I even got some work-related writing done.

I’ve also found some inspiration for the second installment in what I hope will be my “Thandi…” series.

“A pox on you, Bobo!” will be a 500 word picture-book written in the same style as the “Thandi sets her hair on fire," and speaks to the same audience.

Short summary:

What if Thandi has a fight with Bobo and in the middle of the fight, she says something like ”A pox on you!”

And what if Bobo subsequently falls sick with chicken pox? This story will be more than just about chicken pox (health), it will also address children’s tendency towards guilt when things go wrong (social/psychological) and how they can blow things out of proportion.

The story will also talk to kids about fun fairytales versus superstition that hurts, and how friends have to learn to say sorry.

So my next plan of action is to draft the story, then put it away until I have publisher issues sorted.

I also need to finish drafting the YA novel that I plan to enter into the Maskew Miller Longman Award at the end of September.

I'm halfway through the first draft, and don't expect I will make great strides in the work until August, when Baby visits family for the school holidays.

Even if I don't win a position in the competition, I will have a completed novel that I can later polish, and submit for publication, so I'll benefit from the project regardless.

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