Monday, July 24, 2006

Tips for storytelling & other parenting resources

I was looking for some parenting resources on the web and put in the keyword - Parenting SA, thinking that it would lead me to South African parenting sites.

Instead, it took me to a very useful Australian site which has a number of guides/e-booklets which give helpful hints on parenting matters. The guides are short, easy to read and free.

Storytelling made easy for parents

The guide that caught my attention spoke about the benefits of storytelling for children, and gave tips on how to narrate/read stories for your children more effectively. This aspect addressed parents who love to embellish stories, and those that would rather read, and tips are given for storytelling for different age groups.

The guide also gives suggestions on what issues to consider when selecting books for your children.

Other topics covered by the guides include:

Abuse to parents
Children biting
Children’s mental health
Children’s sexual behaviour
Eating disorders
Family break-up
Home alone
If my child is gay or lesbian
Lies and fibs
More than reading and writing
Pocket money
Protect your child from pedophiles
Right from the start
Sibling rivalry
The Internet
What about parents' rights?

To download a free guide that you need right now, visit Parent SA

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