Saturday, August 19, 2006

Memory and Writing

A couple of friends and I are attending this event on Sunday. I never read Liz McGregor's biography of radio presenter Khabzela, so this will be a good opportunity to hear her speak and maybe get a copy.

Memory Work

I did a bit of looking on the Internet about Memory and Writing, and the information that seemed relevant for me was what researchers called Memory Work.

"Memory boxes or books go by the generic title of memory work. They are designed to help the millions of families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa to cope with disease, death and grief, and to plan the children's future," the Health Systems Trust says.

The eport notes that after parents and adult relatives die, many orphans go and live with foster parents, in institutions or on their own. Cut off from family, children's memories - their personal history - fade quickly, it says. Orphans risk growing up without a clear sense of identity and roots, without the traditions and beliefs of their heritage, it says.

Memory books or boxes help children build an identity and strengthen emotional capacity, to understand the past and be less afraid of the future. As the family collects photos and souvenirs, draws a family tree and writes about their life, they grow closer. The process opens a window for parents to disclose their HIV-positive status and to talk frankly about the child's future.

I want to be Supergirl

I don't think I addressed this disconnection from personal history and roots in my children's story titled "In want to be Supergirl." For the most part, the story deals with children taking on adult responsibilities and a girl's lack of confidence in what she can offer her troubled family.

Read the story here and make suggestions on how I can improve it, especially in view of this concept of memory work/boxes.

Coming soon at the Market Theatre: Lord of the flies

A South African School setwork, this play is adapted from the novel by Nobel-prize winning William Golding. The tale of a group of boys who are washed up on an empty island during a time of war, the story relates the boys attempt to maintain "civilized" structures. For booking info, check out the Market Theatre's web site.

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