Thursday, August 17, 2006

Preparing for Soweto Arts Festival

I’ve been preparing for my reading at the Soweto Arts Festival with my agent-the length of the sessions, how many sessions, language to be used etc. and I’m happy with the progress so far.

I’ve also been looking through my material for stories that read well, are interactive and teach kids something substantive.

“Thandi sets her hair on fire” fits these criteria very well, so last night I rewrote the story into Setswana. I also had my sister go through the manuscript to help me with the grammar and idioms so the story is a retelling instead of a translation.

I’m also considering using "Trouble on the farm." It’s an interactive story and has a nice message about cooperation for the kids. I’ll probably retell the story in Setswana too, although my plan for now is to tell that story in English.

I’ll also consider a third option, probably a retold fairytale, to make sure that I have a number of options to present to my agent. Then we’ll make the final decision together.

What am I going to wear?

Strangely enough, these were the easy issues to take care of. My biggest challenge is making a decision on what to wear.

The vast majority of my wardrobe is black/brown/grey, with blue/black/tan tops, and my agent has strongly suggested that I wear something that has colour. LOL! Where in heaven’s name am I going to find something colourful in my wardrobe?

My sister suggests I go shopping. “Buy something blue/aquamarine or something - always good colour and doesn't assert itself as much as red does,”she says.

I love red. My idea of adding colour to my wardrobe is buying something red. I have a lot to think about, don't I?

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