Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Invitation to submit folktales and legends with modern twist

It strikes me that there would be a bigger selection of folktales and legends in this blog if I was not the only contributor.

I don't have the capacity to send out an invitation to submit stories, or to deal with a big number of submissions once they come in. But it would be so nice to get more contributions, so we can offer more choices for parents.

To start with, I'd like to get English language contributions, if only because more people speak the language and would be able to read the stories. But in time, perhaps I will consider adding other languages, so native language stories also build presence on the Internet.

The ultimate aim is to build a reservoire of folktales out of Africa, especially Southern Africa, so that people who are interested can easily access them.

I am a working writer who has to earn her living with her words, so I understand that it is important to get paid for work done. For my professional services, I make it a policy never to work for free.

That said, this is my hobby, and only people who are prepared to forfeit potential payment are invited to submit. If you earn your living writing, and cannot afford to forego payment, please don't submit, because our arrangement would not be fair to you. And if that is the case, I wish you well and hope that you find a publisher soon.

Here is a list of South African publishers and their guidelines here

Thre Centre for the book offers a grant for self-publishers. Check out what they have to offer here.

If have something to submit for this site, email nikisenne at

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