Friday, January 19, 2007

Essay in collection by Department of Arts and Culture

Today I received an email from the project coordinator putting together a collection of 100 essays from South African women writers discussing various facets of women’s lives on all levels of society (political, cultural, socio-economic etc).

The project manager’s assistant said they had not received my bio and photograph, to go with my essay titled The Face of the Spirit.

“The essays for which we have these things really do look much nicer, and we are hoping to receive yours as soon as possible,” she said.

I was so excited I responded within 3 minutes of receipt of the email! If I remember well, the publication will be distributed internationally, providing greater exposure for my writing.

And being chosen among women writers, young/old/alive/dead for the period 1956-2006 is an honour.

My friend Pam previously suggested that I respond to the request for proposals by the Department of Arts and Culture, which was looking for a coordinator for the project.

I couldn't consider applying due to my work commitments, but contributing to the collection seemed feasible.

Pam will be glad to hear that her lead led to this.

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