Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Face and hair care for babies

There is a theory that sooner or later, your child becomes selectively deaf. She hears when you say what she wants to hear, and goes completely deaf when she disagrees. At least, that’s how it feels lately with me and Baby. It’s maddening!

There are three persnal care issues that Baby and I disagree about at the moment – keeping her face moisturized, wearing her ear-rings and keeping her hair tidy.

I know they are minor things, but it's frustrating that she does not wear face lotion unless I put it on her. She says it’s so hot she gets sweaty and her face is moisturized anyway. She also waits until her air gets dry and brittle before she puts conditioner – same heat excuse.

I haven’t worked out why she has taken off her ear-rings, but I’m sure her reason will be the last straw that sends me to the funny farm.

I know I’m not handling the disagreement well. Sometimes I even think: ‘And this is the same girl that wants to be a child model?”

All I know is I feel like a nag and I hate it. I’ve even threatened to let her it be. Sort of " on your head it will be" or some such thing.

She is 8 years afterall. But, her face lotion has sun block, her school is finicky about personal presentation and I don’t want her to become one of the few kids who doesn’t look well put together. And to be honest, I mind when she doesn't look cared for either.

I feel ridiculous!

I need to find another strategy to facilitate effective communication on the issue, because I can just hear us having the same argument when she is a teen.

Only this time, we will argue about whether dying your hair blue, getting a snake tattoo at the top of the crack of your butt and dressing in skirt that hangs low enough to show the tattoo and short enough to show your knickers is a healthy move.

I have no intention of losing that argument!

P.S. Baby's helath diet is working and she is shaping up well. She can even skip rope 50 times without getting too tired, and do up to 10 sit ups. The added benefit is that she is doing well in her gym and phys ed classes too.

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