Thursday, January 25, 2007

The tooth fairy vs the gods

For the past couple of weeks Baby had a tooth loose. We decided there was no need for a dentist and we’d wait for the tooth to loosen and come out by itself, or someone can easily pull it out once it was loose enough.

Occasionally Baby insisted that I pull it out, but I was too chicken. Today she asked my helper to do the deed, and after work I found Baby standing by the bathroom mirror, happily inspecting the bleeding hole where her tooth should have been.

She said she was going to put the tooth under my pillow so the tooth fairy can find it and exchange it for coin.

Batswana tradition is that you throw the tooth on the roof of our house and ask the gods to be kind to you and give you another tooth. So I suggested that she do that instead.

“What a very stupid idea!” she said. “Why would anyone believe in gods or expect that someone out there would bring new teeth? Teeth just grow naturally.”

And it makes logical sense to believe in a tooth fairy?

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