Saturday, January 27, 2007

Smooth Communication

Baby’s school had an information meeting where the class teacher explained how the children’s daily schedule and how we can help the kids learn more effectively.

Tips included:

1. Encourage your child to become responsible. They need to pack their own suitcases and put homework in the folder.
2. If your child is to be collected by a different person, phone the office first.
3. Ensure both the diary and homework book are signed.
4. No toys are to be brought to school, unless they are required for a specific reason.
5. Limit the amount of TV your child watches, and make sure your child is in bed by 7.30 or 20h00 at the latest.

We had a chance to ask some questions related homework help, how to handle a child having learning problems, or one who loses concentration very fast.

I also had a chance for private conversation with the teacher about Baby’s school mate who has been blackmailing her and threatening suicide, and the teacher promised to keep an eye on the situation and act accordingly.

She will also pay closer attention to the child and discuss the suicide threats with her parents.

Pen pals

The school has also arranged for the pupils to have pen pals with another school, and Baby has been allocated someone to exchange letters with.

They are all very excited about it, but for me, the novelty factor is the fact that the kids will actually experience receiving a handwritten letter.

I haven’t received one of those in years. Always seems easier to just email /phone the person you want to talk to, and the only paper correspondence I receive is the business kind, usually bills.

Blech! Them I could do without!

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