Saturday, January 13, 2007

Starting a modeling career

Baby has also decided that she wants to be a model. She also did some research and gave me the web address of a talent representation company which she would like to join.

I know the modeling industry is tough and it’s not always healthy for a child to start modeling at an early age.

Despite that, I don’t object, in principle, in Baby trying it out. That is, assuming that the modeling world wants her in the first place.

My foundation is that Baby does it for as long as it’s a fun hobby and maintains her high standards in her school work. If she no longer enjoys it, or if her school work or the rest of her life is affected negatively in any way, then she quits with immediate effect.

The great advantage about Baby wanting to be a model is that she now eats lots of fresh and healthy food, and very little of the sweet or salty snack types. She also drinks lots of water. I told her he has to be healthy (weight and skin) too, and she’s willing to put in the work. But no diets – forgot the third rule!

Her plan is that she works on getting healthy ( and losing the excess weight from sweets) by her 9th birthday at the end of May. She will then do a modeling course during the August holidays. Afterward, we’ll see if she has any potential, and start approaching agencies.

It’s a long-term plan and I don’t know if an 8-year old is capable of seeing it through. However, I have made it clear that while I will help her, I will not drive the process. If she can’t see the thing through, then she should not be a child model and she should wait until she’s older before starting a career of any sort.

I’m also trying to prepare her for the possibility that the world of modeling may not want her. She’s a good-looking child (every mother thinks so of their child!) and when she was a baby, people used to stare at her. Even today, people say she’s a good looking child when they see her.

As far as I can see, the major unique qualities about her are her long black hair, which has natural ginger/blonde streaks and her funny face. But will normal childhood attractiveness be enough? .

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