Saturday, February 10, 2007

Writing advise I should take

Today's world is full of specialists and writing books for children is no different. Pick a niche and write to the children in this niche. You'll have far more success if you write with a target audience in mind, than writing for everyone.

For instance, write sports related books for children or books that focus on historical heroes. Writing such as this could easily turn into a series.

Source: (Writing a Child Book: Three Tips for Writing a Child Book)

I already knew this piece of advise. Last year I decided that as I'm a techology news journalist, and know a lot about the provision of cellphone content and the dangers it poses to children, I should write a non-fiction book on it.

I already have the contacts in the cellular and industries, as well as the legal and advocacy organisations to understand the dynamics of what's going on and where the problems are. And if the complaints I receive are any indication, I can easily source consumer views.

The History of Messaging

I've also been thinking about a non-fiction book for children on "The History of Messaging."

Today sending a message via email, IM, SMS is so instantaneous and unless there is a technical glitch somewhere, smooth. Even in rural Africa, where there are still millions of people living below the poverty line ( by first world standards), cellphones and SMSes are prevalent.

This is unlike the hundreds of years past, where messengers had yravelled long and hard, had to overcome dangers in order to reach their destination.

The book would look at the evolution of communication methods - from homing pigeons, pony express, morse code, a letter and telegram to courier services, telephone etc.

Each chapter would include:

* The history/invention of the tool
* Short biography of inventor
* Description of how tool works
* Real life story of how a life was saved or a person’s life was changed by the
tool in some way
* Unknown legend / adventure tale associated with method
* Current/historical usage statistics
* Pic/Illustration of tool ( and its evolution, if there was one)

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