Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cell C to launch annual “Take a girl child to work” day

Cell C is launching its 5th annual “Take a Girl Child To Work” campaign on the 20 March. The campaign aims to deepen the thinking on the many roles a girl has in society. The campaign also aims to enhance teh girl child's self-esteem, inspire and motivate her to reach her full potential by exposing her diverse careers and positive role models.

Last year more than 800 South African companies and over 200 000 girls took part in the campaign.

The "good parent" in me says I should take Baby along to work on the day. Her school will be closed for the first term break, so logistically speaking it should be possible. But my work day is so hectic that the idea of having Baby there, needing my attention too, completely boggles my mind.

Yes, I know coming along with me to work would give her a greater appreciation of what I do. She's also very keen to go with me to work one day, and doesn't understand why I am hesitant, especially as she used to accompany me to work sometimes in my previous job.

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