Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Radio Metro launches book club slot (Thursdays at 10h40)

Metro FM is launching a new book club slot - every Thursday at 10h40 - from the 5th of April 2007.

The slot covers:

WEEK1: Children’s Books/ Book-events and news

WEEK2: African/ Diaspora Books/ Book-events and news

WEEK3: Countrywide Bookclub - in this week we shall have a Metro FM Listener chat about a book they are reading with a Metro FM Personality review as well.

WEEK4: Book of interest- whatever interesting book that is out at the moment/basically anything goes for this week - we could be looking at whatever topic or issue looking at the industry.

Support for lcal books from a major radio station like is wonderful news, as local authors are constantly struggling to connect with readers and librarians. This issue was recently raised by a participant at the SCWBI (Gauteng chapter). I'm sure I'm not the only writer who hopes that the show is so successful that it has a looong run.

I also emailed the producers some information about the The Face of the Spirit, the anthology I recently contributed to which was published by the Department of Arts and Culture. The publishers will probably see the announcement and respond too, but just in case......

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear about Metro FM and their Book Club slot.

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