Monday, March 05, 2007

Nominee: Telkom ICT Journalist of the Year 2006

I don’t normally talk about my work issues here, but I am so happy I have to mention it: I’ve been nominated by a panel of judges for the 2006 Telkom Journalist of the Year Award.

Summary of info about the award from Telkom Website

The award,which was initiated by Telkom and launched in conjunction with the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ), aims to develop and nurture transparency and to encourage a greater public interest in Information Communication Technology (ICT).

It has now become one of the most recognised and prestigious journalism competitions in South Africa, and a platform for ICT reporters to showcase their journalistic contributions to the industry.


I entered the "Online" category with articles published on ITWeb's online service and the "Print Magazine" category with articles published on iweek, a weekly print publication by ITWeb (PTY) LTD that I contribute to. So we'll see which one I do well on.

There’s still a long way to go before they declare a winner ( awards ceremony on the 4th April) and there are any number of really good journalists who deserve the award. Nonetheless, I am hopeful of at least making it to the finals/being a category winner, and an am very excited that I made it this far.

Wish me luck:-)

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