Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Word Games: Lexicon

Last year I bought 101 Games, e-Games Collector’s Edition from CNA. Baby plays a number of games on kid web sites like Cartoon Network, but I'm not really into buying the games because I think a child can easily get addicted and neglect other aspects of entertainment such as reading and free play.

When she plays online, I can cite bandwidth costs to limit the time she plays, and she knows she only has 30 minutes access on Saturdays and Sundays.

But this CD was cheap at R59 and it had games like Solitaire, Chess, Word Search Mania, Memory Match and Scrabble which I thought might be educational for Baby.[ The games are very old actually, and I suspect CNA was getting rid of old stock when we bought the CD.]

Since then, we’ve played a few games on the CD, but not to the extent that I hoped.

Tonight she decided to install and try out “Lexicon” and our luck changed. We both enjoyed the game, and it is educational, as it’s about using letters to form words within a 2 minute time-limit.

When we first started playing the game, we fought like crazy, because Baby couldn’t understand why she couldn’t make up words and include them in the electronic dictionary if her letters didn’t work out. I was annoyed that I was losing to someone who I believed was cheating.

But once we got into the game, she found it very rewarding to create a word after looking all over the board for an appropriate slot, rather than taking the easy way out. And I stopped accused her of cheating even she wasn't.

We played for two hours, TV forgotten as looked for words, bragged about points and argued about non-words. We both agree a good time was had by all, and plan to have a rematch soon.

You can also download free games, including Lexicon here.

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