Friday, May 04, 2007

Literary translation in South Africa

I submitted a folktale and an old song to Lingo Literary Journal ( submissions guidelines were not very detailed, so I'm not 100% sure my submission is a perfect fit for them. But I am hopeful.

The journal is run by a non-profit organization , supported by the South African Department of Arts and Culture, which aims to:

• Develop the capacity for literary translation in South Africa
• Use translation as a means of breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers
• Generate understanding and appreciation for the literary activities of creative writers and storytellers in South Africa

According to the web site, the project will enable writers to share their creative work with readers outside of their linguistic communities.

It will also encourage greater knowledge of the existing, indigenous language traditions which will enhance cultural understanding among South African literary traditions.

Submissions are to be in SA’s 11 languages, which include English, as well as Dutch and French.

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