Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Making dreams come true

Last night I did a speed coaching session with Lisa Gates at Intrinsic Life. I wanted to start evaluating where I am with my writing, where I would like to go and what’s stopping me. Lisa offered a free speed-coaching session.

Lisa, who calls herself a Completion Catalyst, says: “You bring your whole life to your project, to your writing, and as a client you bring your whole life to coaching as well. What stops you in your life will also stop you in your project. Where you have freedom in your life, you will have freedom in your project. Coaching brings you into the process of inquiry by asking questions. And they are, at last, the right questions.”

If you’ve been meaning to start a project, maybe write a book or take your writing to the next level, go on over to Lisa’s blog and check out what she has to say.
Even if you never email her or comment on her blog, you will leave her space with some important questions that can help propel your writing forwrad.


Speaking of making dreams come true, today at work I interviewed a young man whose company won a multimillion rand defence contract.

Andile Tlhoaele, MD of Inforcomm, said something that I thought all dreamers would find encouraging :“Just 10 years ago I was working as a technician of the same contract, not knowing that one day it will be awarded to my company!”
So my question to you as a writer is this: “ Where do you want to be in 10 years’ time?”

As a writer, do you have big enough dreams? Or do you constantly remind yourself how tough the publishing market is, and it’s better to be realistic about your chances of success?

When your child shares dreams of her future career with you, do you remind her that it’s better to be realistic because it’s unlikely her dreams will come true?
Do you help her look at ways which can help her develop a strong practical plan so when she's older she can make the seemingly unachievable dreams can come true?


Anonymous said...

Damaria, thank you for the gracious post. I love your last two paragraphs here. If we were to ask ourselves "what would a child do" we'd always be way further down the road.

trowbridge chronicles said...

I've found that making dreams come true begins either early in the morning or late at night,and the journey is completed in baby steps. My dreams usually take shape late at night. I've spent countless hours writing and drawing my story blog, The Trowbridge Chronicles, all done late at night, and on weekends. Because of Trowbridge, and other "dream" projects, I don't have much of a life. But it's been well worth it because my work brings me such joy.

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