Thursday, June 21, 2007

Recycling old posts: online resources for storytelling and parenting

I have a 40th birthday coming up next month. As you can imagine, it’s a moment that lends itself to introspection about the life and the paths not taken.

I decided some years ago not to make New Year or birthday resolutions, so I’m not feeling like I didn’t achieve set targets or anything.

In general, I'm pretty happy with my life: the choices made and professional goals achived. I don't regret the paths not taken.

To remind myself of where I come from, I decided to check my blog archives for this time last year:

- In June last year, I landed an agent. He got me a nice deal performing my children's stories at a festival, but he hasn't sold anything. When I didnt hear from him for months, I emailed him for an update. He didn't reply to two emails, so I assumed he decided we weren't a good fit afterall.

Note to self: phone agent and find out if assumption is correct.

- I quit blogging, and wrote an essay explaining my decision. But a friend encouraged me to try again.


I decided to look through my blog archives to find posts you likely haven't seen, but which have resources you would find useful. Here we go:

Tips for storytelling and other parenting resources

Some bed-time reading


Anonymous said... is a new audio storytelling resource for all ages. Since you just turned 40, check out "The Nicest Thing About Dying" by professional storyteller Raelinda Woad. It's a great story about her experience turning 40! Hope you get a chance to download and enjoy it!

Gillian Stokes said...

So why is this big "40" being kept so secret? Have I missed it Sam? Turning 40 was the pivotal change in my life, I hope it is in the very best way in your life too! Gilli

Damaria Senne said...

Thanks Gilli. The big 40 is not being kept a secret. I've been quiet about it offline because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do to celebrate. But I think I'm going to paper myself - a day at a spa is just what the doctor ordered after a hardworking year and cold winter months.

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