Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Busy Bee

I have a lot of work-related articles to finish, so I’m doing a short post today, rather than not posting at all.

- The good news I sent out feelers to a major publisher for my project with Ramon. I'm planning to submit a proper proposal, but I think the book could fit into an existing series, so I need to double check some things before sending it out.

I've met the publisher before, and he did say I should send him something, so it's not exactly a "cold call."

In the meantime, I expect Ramon and I will get started on getting the material we have together and outlining the scope of the book. We met on Friday, and indications are we have complementary visions for the project.

- The articles I said were to be published on Absolute Write have been postponed to run on the 25 July and 1 August. I don’t mind though - it will be nice to have something with them on the 25 July – my birthday.

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