Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fun on a cellphone

Baby and I are having lot of fun playing with my new Samsung P910. I got the phone last week through work, when I joined the digital video broadcasting via a handheld (DVB-H) trial by pay-TV broadcaster Multichoice and mobile provide MTN.

Essentially, what it means is that we are able to watch a selection of programmes from pay-TV broadcaster Multichoice on a cellphone.

The trial has been going on for a while, and last year one of my colleagues lent his phone to me to watch the programs for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, before this trial I was using a Motorola V171 -a basic low-cost handset. I was very satisfied with it as it did the job it was meant to do – basically sending and receiving calls. The V171 doesn’t have camera, video recorder or MP3 player, but I was in no hurry to change it. I was not convinced I needed more than the basics for my mobile communications needs, as I have a laptop for my data transmissions.

Now Baby and I are having a lot of fun singing and recording songs (seriously bad quality), taking pictures (my pic taken early morning with uncombed hair will give you nightmares) and watching some TV programming we don’t usually get(10 channels to available and nothing to watch). I can see why people get excited about their gadgets.

Part of the excitement is probably from the “newness” of the handset. But if the devise takes, maybe I’ll start posting pictures more often on the blog.

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