Friday, July 13, 2007

The Mouse Trap Goes Out, Memoirs of a Zimbabwean Freedom Fighter Comes In

My friend Sharon Nwanamidwa sent me the revised/translated version of “The Mouse Trap/ Mbevha na Tshilibana,” a retelling of a folktale I’m submitting to the Limpopo Indigenous Languages Writer's Competition for Foundation Phase.

She put in so much work in the story I really believe she deserves credit for the retelling. So I’m submitting it to the competition under a joint byline.

Wish us luck!



The story which I tentatively titled: “Memoirs of a Zimbabwean freedom fighter” arrived today. My colleague is right – it’s a very good story. Or rather, it’s an outline of a very good story, with a number of potentially interesting scenes.

The problem with it, and likely why they had problems placing it with a publisher, is the writer tells the story, rather than letting the reader experience it. BUT, it's a timely story from a perspective that hasn't been fully explored yet. I think if it's written well, publishers will want it.

I told my colleague someone needs to interview the writer, so he can add more details to the story to paint a more vivid picture. Some research of the region, his home village and the events would help put the whole story into context.

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